Little Ann - Loved by the Stanley Family, WV
Thank you again for the wonderful joy you have brought to our family.
Tim & Casey
Dixie & Gunner
I have yet to have them on a leash... there very good dogs. Doing great on finding deer antlers to, there up to five now. We are so happy we picked two and got them from you guys!! Thanks again. Was just giving you guys a check up on the babies. 
Loved by Brocious Family

Dixie & Gunner are famous! This is a bus stop in Erie, PA.

We picked Boomer up from you last January. I began working with him in the fields and woods around 3-4 months old. Saturday afternoon he scented and found his first of two ringnecks. I couldn't have been prouder. He flushed the first one out straight towards my dad and the second one to me. I'm going to bet it's safe to say there will be plenty more stories about this dog and our hunts, but it will be hard to top our first. I've included a couple of pics. Thank you for being a breeder of these awesome dogs.


Mark Kaminsky

Rancher - Loved by the Thomas Family, PA 

Rancher is running and treeing at 10 months old. 

Thank you for a wonderful dog. 

Daisy - Daisy is a large and beautiful dog and she has a lot of space to run and is enjoying life just as much as I am having her as my dog. She is absolutely a great dog over all, with kids, listening, as a watchdog, lap dog, and everyone loves her. You absolutely know this breed well because all you told me when I bought her is true. 

Thanks, Matthew

Porter - Just wanted to follow up on a Redbone Pup I bought from you about a year ago. Porter couldn't be a healthier dog and just wanted to thank you for such a quality pup. He's fantastic in the woods and pretty sturdy on the water as well. 

It's sure going to be tough to own anything other than a Redbone from here on out. 

Thank you again, 

Duke - Loved by Sam & Grace

Cooper & Sam - Loved by the Leber Family, PA

Thor - Loved by the Nosal Family, CT

Trigger - Loved by the Doaner Family

He is a very big part of our family and we want to thank you so much for such a great dog. 

Shadow - Thought you might enjoy seeing how Shadow is growing up. She has been a great addition to our family. 

Thank you,


Susie Q - Loved by Triple I Kennels. She is my best friend.